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Sunday, April 30, 2006

1st of May, Labor’s Day

I wonder what was my mum thinking about when she chose the “Labor’s Day” to deliver her baby:) Yes Tomorrow is my Birthday and I will be 32 years old.

Oh My God, 32 YEARS OLD, I can’t believe it, can’t I reverse the number?! I meant what is wrong with 23, it seems fair enough for me. I am not convinced with the fact that, I am 32. The problem is that I don’t act like 32, I don’t look like 32, and above all I don’t feel like 32.

I remember 10 years ago, exactly on the 9th of September 1996, I was a fresh graduate on my way to my new job. It was my first day; I still remember every single detail as if it were yesterday. I remember my mum’s voice asking me about the work environment and whether I like it or not. These were my exact words: “I met a very nice woman (M), although she is OLD, 32 years, but I didn’t feel any age differences”. I even asked (M) if she wants me to call her “Madame” or “Engineer M” as I felt I am too young to call her by her first name! However, she told me that it is fine to call her just “M”.

Today, after 10 years of this incident, I see myself like M, 32 years “young” and soon I will be 40 but I will always have the heart of a 20ish year old girl (at least I hope so). Anyway, I learnt my lesson. Now I never call anybody old, not even my parents. I changed my view about being OLD.
As long as, you are not holding a stick in your hand and wetting your bed, then you are not old yet. Now I view 85 as old, or maybe not:)

Anyway, Happy Labor’s Day to all our fellow labors:)

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