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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Eclipse & Earthquake on the Same Day

It is past midnight. I am home alone. My husband is out and my son is sleeping in his bed like a little angle. I am surfing my favorite blogs, checking my mail, googling, in other words, killing time.

Suddenly, I felt the sofa is swinging, the doors are slamming, the whole building is dancing. Oh my God, it is an earthquake. I throw the laptop off my hands and ran to my son's room recalling all the safety regulations concerning earthquakes. I ran to snatch my son off his bed and hold him underneath a door frame (7al2 el bab). It was a couple of seconds or maybe less, but for me it seemed eternity.

It was the eclipse this morning and now the earthquake, ya rab ostor.

I have experienced many earthquakes before since the one of Cairo, October 1992. However, I never felt so terrified. The mother in side me panicked, my son … my son…
My husband is not here, I am all alone, what if the building collapse, how will I carry my son… what shall I do?

Sub7an allah, our reactions varies according to our status, I remember I was laughing while everybody else was screaming during October 92 earthquake. Call me crazy, but I was excited to experience something new like earthquakes. I am not psycho or anything, maybe God gave him a kind of tranquility to save me the horror of the moment. However, it is different this time, I wasn't worried about myself, I was worried about my son. It crossed my mind for a friction of a second "will I be able to save him if the building collapsed (la qadar Allah)".

I wonder, how my reaction changed 180 degree just because I became a mother.

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