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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Have you ever felt depressed for no reason?! Have you felt that nothing is going in the right direction, although nothing has changed to give you that impression? I used to be a very active person, working in the morning and having my post-graduate studies in the afternoon. I used to be very ambitious, the sky was my limit. Then everything has changed.

I got married, traveled to an Arab country with no job opportunities at all, stayed at home to perform my duties as a decent house-wife. Now I am 31 years old, married for about 6 years, during which I did nothing at all. On my 30th birthday, I felt so much depressed, not because I am getting old but because I felt that I achieved nothing during these past 6 years. Some people considered that getting married and having a family is an achievement itself. However, I say that even a CAT can raise a family, that doesn't make me special.

I searched eagerly for a job in this country but it was in vain. The problem is that I am living in a small governorate and not in the Capital. It resembles el-Suez or el-Sma3ilia in Egypt. I also tried working from home, like a translator or something, but that was difficult too. I tried part-time jobs, freelancing, everything including starting my own business… but all my efforts were useless.

Finally, I got a job offer two months ago. I was asked to work as a school teacher for kindergarten. Although, I didn't like the idea of teaching to kids, however, I didn't mind, coz that was the only choice I had. I went for an interview, and they accepted me and asked to start working tomorrow the 19th. To make the long story short, I discovered that the people there are totally disorganized, irresponsible and unqualified. I felt pissed off during my first confrontation with the management. Moreover, the salary was very frustrating (however, this is not the issue). To conclude, I kicked the whole opportunity in its teeth.

Now, I am confused, was what I did right or wrong? Was that "batar 3ala el ne3ma". I got a chance … and I just blow it.

The problem is that I felt that teaching KG is far from being ambition!! However, is it better than staying at home, better than nothing?!!

Can you advise me of something??

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Manners of Discussion

Two days ago I was watching a program on Dream 2. It was a very "Hot Discussion" concerning "ready-to-cook" food, especially, the semi-fried food. There was a guest talking about his products and the mechanism of producing this kind of food. On the other hand, there were a couple of professors talking about the dangerous side effects of boiling oil more than once. One of the professors was accusing the guest of selling CANCER in an attractive box.

Anyway, the program could have been a success, however, the shameful way of the discussion used by the guests and introducer of the program, turned it to be a total mess. Everybody on the show was shouting and accusing, but no one was listening except to his own voice. The discussion gave me a headache and I changed the channel although I was INTERESTED in the topic. I felt I am watching some sellers in a grocery shop who are having a fight over the price of (kilo el tamatem).

This incident reminded me of a word said by Dr. Zowail in one of his interviews. He said after leaving to the States, he discovered that, if he wants people to listen to him he has to keep his voice down and know how to listen to others. He said that people in civilized countries do not like high voices and if we (Arabs) want them to listen to our ideas, first, we have to learn the manners of discussion.

Nowadays, Arabs are trying to imitate the West in their style of living, their looks, and their fashion. I only wish if we take from the West their scientific achievements and civilization instead of being fascinated by the outer superficial layer of the Western Civilization.

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I chose for myself the name "Away from Home" cause that is what I really am. I am an Egyptian living in an Arab country. I won't mention the name of this country for two reasons. First, to talk freely about my experience without hurting the feelings of its native-readers, and the second thing is, not to "bite the hand the feeds you". I always complained about Europeans and Americans coming to Egypt and then saying bad things about us. I used to tell them "if you don't like Egypt, you are most welcomed to leave it". That is why; I don't want to fall in the same trap.

The people in this country are quite friendly and decent. However, I feel that I can't easily fit. It grabbed my attention that the women here are killing themselves to look like Haifaa Wahby and Nancy Agram. They don't mind going through painful plastic surgeries just to look like these celebrities. You can hardly see a woman walking down the street with no make-up on or a simple pony-tail. The popular issues to talk about here are; fashion and beauty salons.

It really bothers me to see that kind of superficial women. It is great to take care of one's look and figure, but, this is not the most important thing in life. Sometimes, I blame it all on the media. The media is brain-washing the women these days, driving them away from reading, talking about serious issues, fighting for their ideas … I wish to find a way to change this attitude. To convince women that they are not just Barbie dolls. They are humans with BRAINS after all.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Greetings to Everybody

Dear Bloggers,

This is the first time for me to blog. I liked the idea of sharing each others thoughts and experiences. I once had an addiction for chatting but I stopped it long time ago cause I had a feeling that I am getting old for it. I didn't like the questions asked by chatters concerning how do I look like, how old I am, my martial status…etc!!! I felt that chatters are just a bunch of kids who want to waste their time … nothing more, nothing less.

When a friend of mine introduced me to blogging, I found myself diving into a new kind of addition. I liked the idea of talking about life issues, funny stuff or serious ones, it doesn't matter. What really matters is to find people who are willing to share your thoughts and ideas as well as theirs.

I hope to accept me as a new member of the bloggers' family:)))

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