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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Miss Muslim

Dilar Sadiqova, 17 years old is MISS MUSLIM.

The contest was held in Tatarstan, a country in East-Europe where Muslims make up 60% of the population. The competition included 56 contesters and 8 of them reached the final. The criterion of Judging was based on Quran memorization and recitation as well as answering some cultural questions. Cooking and sewing were considered a plus for the competitors.

The competition did not include any swimsuits unlike the rest of the traditional beauty pageants. The competitors were dressed modestly and had their hijab on. The judges were looking for brains and religion not for bodies and looks.

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Trust No One - Part 2

I am forcing myself to write this post. I want to get this out but I have no energy to do it. Still I know I will be relieved if I talk about it.

Once upon a time there was “me”, living alone "here" away from my homeland, then came a woman (my neighbor) and acted nicely and tried to befriend me. The woman was not my type, 48 years old, heavy make-up almost naked, and everybody in town warned me not to know her cause she is a bi****. Anyway, I said “en ba3d al zan ethm” and that the woman is so nice to me and that what really matters.
Then our husbands were introduced and the relation is now a family friendship. One day this woman her name is (D) introduced me to (R) saying how (R) is nice, decent and bla bla bla. Later, my husband was introduced to (R)'s husband too and now we are 3 couples.
They are older than us but w eh ya3ni mosh moshkela, no problem, (D) 48, husband 53, (R) 42, husband 55. That is why, I always feel I am getting old, as everybody around me is old, all the outings are for old people, they dress old, mosh really old, but for example, when they go out to dine, they dress up as if they are going to a wedding party, the man wears a suit and the woman wears her heavy make-up & lo2lo2 w bro2ro2.
At the beginning of the relation she used to tell her "children" tell "aunt Wonderer” so & so, the "kids" are 23, 21, 17:). Then I suggested that Wonderer is enough but she insisted that the 17 year old boy should tell me aunt, fa ana olt mashi aunt… aunt.
Anyway, mosh hena el moshkela. We kept on knowing them she is spoooooooore awi awi zeyada 3an el lozom. Ms. boobs for everybody, el khair lel gamee3, but it is none of my business. So, we kept going on in the relation with (D) with no problems at all, just lately I felt that et’7ana2t men being motakalifa, nezam ro7t lebanan w I bought mosh 3arfa eh, mosh 3arfa bekam… ro7t masr and I met Hosny Mubarak and he invited me for lunch but I was busy w mosh fadyalou, keda ya3ni, takalof ziyada 3an el lozom, bas mosha moshkela bardou… oult ya wad tanesh '7alis.

Anyhow, (R) ba2a, the woman is nice, tayeba bas baida (kindhearted but brainless), ya3ni mokh youk, no common ground at all but I managed, ediny fi el hayef w ana a7ebak ya fanannas. I used to complain to (D) that (R) is a good person and her husband is a decent guy but there is one thing I hate about them. They always visit us very late at night, always at 10:30 or 11:00pm without a prior call or notice, keda ‘7abt laz2.
tin, tin
We open the door… and ta ta
“hiiiiiiii, do you have any coffee for us”
w ana tab3an bakoun ba'3ly, ya 7alawet el sa’7an.
Well, I used to tell (D) that their visits are considered hectic to us as they never leave before 2:00am and we have to get up at 7:30am,
I wanted to send them a hidden message that I dislike that, and that it is very inappropriate to visit someone without a prior notice. I used to tell her that I like the guys, they are kind w kolo but I don’t like tenten, allahom eg3alou ‘7air midnight visitors.

Anyway, ana ba2a estarselt ma3a (D) and spoke freely, thinking that she is a good person and we are having an intimate chat. However, 2 weeks ago I found (R) calling me and meday2a awi. She told me that (D) told her so & so; which is literary every single word I said plus 7abet ta7abeesh keda 3ala el mashi
If I were in your place I will never visit Wonderer again.
Did you see Wonderer? kant bardo "lawya ‘7el2eteha fi weshek"?
When (R) said that the weather was hot when she visited us, (D) said hot wala Wonderer la'7batetek?

She said things to (R) and she told her incidents that happened between the 2 of us to give her proof that she is saying the truth.
The problem ba2a that I had to lie and tell (R) that (D) is a lair and that she is most welcomed anytime at my home and that el bait beteha and stuff like that. Ya3ni kont 7a2oul eh?!!! I couldn't say the truth, the woman was wounded, her pride was hurt, (D) gave her an over-dose. Yes, I wanted to send her a message but not to wound her.

She told her that I had a fight with my husband “men ta7t rashom” (because of them) cause he felt it was ok for them to visit while I felt it was rude, el tafasil kanet we7sha awi.
Now I have five problems:
1- I feel myself soghaira awi and a lair.
2- I can't look in (D)'s face without having the feeling that I want to vomit.
3- (D) doesn't know about the confrontation between (R) and I. She thinks that I am a crazy person acting weirdly; also, I need to pull her hair and call her names but I can’t do it.
4- (D)'s husband is a very decent guy and he doesn't understand why the hell are we acting weirdly lately and he thinks that we are crazy w nakreen el gemeel and he doesn't know that his wife is a bitch.
5-(D) used to be a very nice person and I still remember many nice gestures of her. However for me, it is like a person who drew a very nice picture and made an effort to draw it perfectly and then once he finished it he got a bottle of ink and covered it all, so people now find it hard to remember the true picture.

Now, I can’t confront (D) because I can't trust her anymore. She will do her best to prove the story true to (R). Also, she might call me on the phone while (R) is in front of her to let her hear the conversation, she is wicked and she can do anything. She might even record our meeting or something … mafeesh 7aga be3ida 3aliha after what she did.
I don’t want a confrontation with R & D cause I know I did a mistake to talk to D about R.

I can’t take it anymore, don’t know what to do. I can’t act normally with D and smile in her face while deep down I want to slap her. I am wondering everyday, why did she do that?

Touta tota khelset el 7adouta

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Trust No One

I wonder why do I keep trusting unfaithful people who are not worth my trust?!!!
Am I that stupid to keep on making the same mistake over and over?!!!!!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006


When I started blogging I was very energetic. I used to publish a new post almost every day. I used to check blogs more than once a day to check if bloggers replied to my comments or added new posts.

Now I have too many things to blog about. I have many ideas struggling in my head wanting to get out. I need to talk them out; I need to share them with somebody. However, I feel that something is holding me from writing. I can’t organize my ideas, I don’t even have the power to write or read any blogs.

What is it with me? Blogging used to take me out of my boredom and loneliness and I need to blog now more than ever, still, I can’t blog.

Maybe it is just a phase and soon I will be myself again… don’t know…

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