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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Expressing Oneself

I was feeling so bored so I decided to check some new blogs. I started to check the sidebars of my favorite bloggers, and bit by bit I started entering a strange world of some alienated people.

I came across an immense number of bloggers who are writing with the same spirit, frustration and aggravation. They are all sharing the same un-balanced souls. I felt a strange gloomy feeling after reading their blogs to the extent that I decided to shutdown my laptop and save my soul these kinds of blogs.

However, instead of shutting down my computer, I found myself writing this post.

ليه الناس فى مصر بصفة خاصة وفى الوطن العربى بصفة عامة عندها كل الإحباط ده. واحد حيقوللى انتى مش عايشـة فى الدنيا ولا ايه. أيوه عايشـه فى الدنيا وكل حاجة بس مش لازم يكون التعبير عن الغضب بالشـكل ده. احنا عملين زى اللى جاب علبة حبر وراح دالئها على لوحة، راح الحبر مغطى على كل اللوحة ، الحلو والوحش فيها. يعنى مش لازم غضبنا يكون مصحوب بالالفاظ الرزيلة و سـب العيشـة و اتهام المصريين بأنهم سـلبيين وراضيين بقليلهم والسـلام

I know our country is neither the Utopia nor the Land of Milk and Honey, but can someone tell me where can I find them?!! They simply do not exist. You can find problems in the most civilized countries and the huge number of suicides in these countries is a proof to what I am saying.

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