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Friday, October 28, 2005

Tagged - Seven ...

Tagged by Charismatic Soul and Loulou, thanks gals.

Seven things I plan to do:

1- Find a good job or start my own business (a "handmade ornament" gallery or a bookshop with a cafeteria that allows the ppl to have a look at the book before buying it) or maybe both businesses:)
2- To be less stubborn.
3- To worry less.
4- To learn French (comment ca va:)))
5- I'd like to learn Salsa (of course the dance not the tomato salsa:)) but it is just a wish, I am not planning to take any serious move:)
6- Finish the "decoupage" picture that I have started a year ago:))
7- Give my son swimming classes ( 3alashan 3andi 3o2da) :))

Seven things I can't do:

1- Worry less.
2- Be less stubborn (I am Taurus).
3- Eat alone.
4- Swim (3aib awi bas ma3lish).
5- Eat sea food … Yuk:)
6- Wear red leather pants (very attractive!!).
7- Have a true first impression (I am always deceived concerning that matter).
8- Smoke (ma3lish ... one more detail):)

Seven things I say most often:

1- Betharag!! (you are kidding).
2- I used to say "asasan" (basically) but when ppl made fun of me I changed it to "Aslan" … see the difference:))
3- Ye.7reb bait keda *blush*
4- Yady el nila *bush*
5- Ooops
6- Ya salaaaaaaaam
7- Walahy al 3azeem?? (in a sarcastic tone) :)

Seven people I want to pass this tag to:

1- me
2- tota
3- dallula
4- rain
5- lasto-adri
6- nerro
7- doshar
8- Tarek Amr (malish I added an extra one:))

P.S. If I tagged someone who has already did it, never mind, blame it on my mumps:))

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Not CYBER friends anymore

I don't know what to say, I wanted to dedicate this post to two of my favorite bloggers here. The relationship started as bloggers and then cyber friends and now it is more than that …

They are not cyber friends anymore, they are true friends and very dear to me. I guess you are wondering who are they?! They are Charismatic Soul & Around the Clock.
They both sent me e-mails last night filled with warm wishes and prayers for me to get better. Moreover, I found Around the Clock calling me this morning on my cell phone to make sure I was ok and wish me good luck.

I was really touched, I wished we were in the same country to go and see them. I am glad I was introduced to the blogosphere cause I got to know them.

Thank you for being my friends:)

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

It doesn't rain ... it pours

Today, I got up in the morning with a face that looks like a balloon.

I went to the doctor and guess what did he say??

I have MUMPS ... غدة نكافية . It is the second time I get infected ... they say it happens!!!!!

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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Al 3ashr Al-awa.7er

During the comming 10 days, I will lessen my visits to the blogshere. I won't disappear but you won't see me as often. I will try hard to read more Quran and pray.

Allahom a.3fer lana zenobina wa a3fou 3ana, enak ar7am alra7meen.

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Quote of the Day

الكلمة نور و بعض الكلمات قبور

(A word is LIGHT, however, some words could be GRAVES)

I guess we (bloggers) have to stop for a while and think of this quote since we have nothing here -in the blogsphere- but WORDS.

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Learning HTML

Yeeeeeeeeeees, I did it. Now I know how to add links to my page.

Ok, let me tell you the story from the beginning:

I started blogging last month. I followed the steps, created my blog, wrote my posts … and then what … nothing … a big fat PERIOD.

I noticed that most of the bloggers created nice blogs with interesting side bars showing their favorite blog list, the books they read, the clock, and maybe a photo of their favorite music album … etc,

How the hell did they do that??!! … beats me … absolutely no idea … blaaaaaaaaaaank!!! I felt like an illiterate in the middle of PHD's.

I posted a comment in one of the blogs asking the blogger to tell me the steps of how to add a picture of the book I am currently reading. I received two replies for my comment. A reply from the blog owner telling me the steps, she was very decent and helpful; however, I couldn't understand a word from what she wrote.

The second comment was from a guy "J" who really estafazny awi. He replied in two words "learn HTML". Honestly, I was offended:))) I felt like an ignorant … I was really met.3aza awi … why couldn't he simply say it in a nice way, for example, "I advice you to learn HTML, cause it will help you … blab la bla". Yes, I admit his short answer and the way he said it, teased me:)

Anyway, I said to myself, ok … I will learn HTML Mr. "I know everything". And as I'd like going by the slogan "what one man can do another can do", I called a computer center and asked for the course and started last Sunday. Today was my 4th lesson and tomorrow is the last one. The guy told me that normally they give the course in ten sessions, each is two hours, i.e., twenty hours. However, in front of my enthusiasm and my background he decided to shorten the course to eight hours only, distributed on five days:)

After taking the course I discovered that my question to the blogger, was just like someone asking you to write down for him the steps of how to drive a car:) Yes, I admit it was a STUPID question.

Today, I was able to create links to my favorite blogs … I am still stepping my first step in the world of HTML. Who knows maybe, I follow it with some more courses.

I am writing this post to tell "J", thank you, I really mean it. Yes you provoked me … but it worked for me. I am so excited about the course and I am enjoying it very much.

Again … THANK YOU.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Do you believe in GHOSTS - Part II

Do you believe in ghosts??! Do you believe in black magic??! Do you believe in a3mal (spells)??!!

My answer is yes & no … I believe in the existence of al-jen and in magic … simply because they are mentioned in the Holly Quran. However, I never give them a real thought … I guess it is not that easy to practice magic and cast spells. In fact, I never really bothered myself with the answer of these questions. I always thought that most of the people practicing magic are nothing but abra gadabra (mosha3wzeen ya3ni).

What made these questions pop up into my head is an accident that happened to me and till now I didn't tell anybody except my husband a two of my neighbors about it.

In the place where I live, people tend to depend on a3mal (spells). They are always talking about magic, fortune telling, spells … In other words, they are very superstitious. I always make fun of their beliefs and tell them that they have to leave this kind of thinking to illiterate and ignorant people.

Anyway, about a month ago, something really weird happened to me. I didn't tell anybody about it cause people will say that I am an ignorant superstitious person. Anyhow, I decided to tell you about what happened cause I am sure that there is a scientific explanation for it, although I have no idea what can it be.

One day, I got up in the morning to find that my pajamas pants are full of holes, yes many big holes!!!! This is not everything; I also found that the bed sheet is completely torn. Seriously … Konafaaaa:)) walahy el melaya zai el konafa:) Only from my side, as my husband side was completely perfect. I want you to bear in mind that the sheet is new. I searched the bed for a bug or something … nothing absolutely nothing?!!! I pulled the sheet from my husband's side to find it very strong and new!!!

I called my husband at his work to tell him, but he couldn't imagine the site and told me "balash habal, enty 7ateshta.3aliny 3ala el sob7". I could my neighbor, she thought I am kidding but when she felt that I am serious, she offered to come and see for herself.

Anyway, part II of the story is even more enjoyable:)

My neighbor "D", is a very nice woman, she loves me and treats me as her young sister. "D" kept screaming "oh my God, oh my God", then she called another neighbor "G" who came to join her in the screaming show:) At that time I was laughing like hell, hamm yebaki we hamm yeda7ak:))) "D" ran to her home and came back holding the things "G" asked her to bring. She brought a green plant, bo.7or (scented coal) and mab.7ara. They started their silly rituals while I am still laughing!! They gave me that angry look and asked what was funny?!! They lighted the bo.7or and placed the plant in a glass of water, then, they poured some of the water on the floor beside my bed, and ba.7arou the whole bedroom. I left them to finish their lousy rituals and when to the hi-fi to play a Quran CD. They kept telling me that someone has casted a spell on me and asked me not to joke about it as the country here is famous of black magic!!!!

Of course, I didn't pay attention to what they said, but I kept thinking of a scientific explanation for what happened. When I was tired of thinking, I decided to forget the whole issue.

I don't know why I decided to share this experience with you, although I told no one about it?!!! I guess it is the core of blogging … to write about what pops up into your mind without asking about the benefit of that.

Have a good day …

P.S. These are true pictures of the bed sheet and my pajamas.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Do you believe in GHOSTS??!

Do you believe in ghosts?!
Do you believe in Black Magic?!
Do you believe in Casting Spells (A3mal)?!

Will elaborate later on ...

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Thursday, October 13, 2005


random things about myself:

I have been tagged by charismatic soul, me, around the clock,doshar. Thank you guys:)

* I am an only daughter. I have neither brothers nor sisters. I used to complain about being alone while I was a kid cause I wanted someone to play with me. My mum used to tell me that I can always play with my school mates but I used to reply that I want someone to play with me at home. During the university days, I never complained about that matter again as I had many friends who were (are) very good people and they were able to compensate my sisters. By the way, I am very stubborn (blame it on my star sign, cause I am a Taurus). I am 155 cm tall (blame it on my mum's genes:))

* I was graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of English. I loved my study very much, I adored novels and essay writing … they were my passion. The 4 years of the university was the best in my life. I had many friends, we loved each other like real family. I still see them every time I visit Egypt, and we also e-mail each other and talk on the phone from time to time. They are really the best thing that happened to me during the university days:)

* I am a mother of an adorable son who is 5 years old. He is extremely naughty but still adorable. He has a strong personality (no kidding) that attracts the attention of everybody:) I am also a wife of a stubborn but a decent guy. I am 155 cm tall and my husband is about 185 cm tall … what a match!!:)))

* I used to work in a decent company in Egypt. However, after I got married I had to leave me work to travel with my husband, and ever since I wasn't able to work again. I am living in a small city, with absolutely no job opportunities and they work 2 shifts here, a morning shift and an afternoon one. Therefore, I can't even think about working as I have no relatives here to relay on them concerning taking care of my son while I am at work. I am very ambitious; hence, I am not satisfied with being a house-wife.

* I am talented in some kinds of artistic crafts. My friends are encouraging me to start my own business especially that, people are not familiar with what I make; therefore, I will find an open market with no competitors. However, I guess I a lazy to have my first step.

I will only tag "tota" cause she is the only blogger I know who didn't write her details yet:)

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Monday, October 10, 2005


I miss Egypt. I really miss being at HOME. It has been 6 years now while I am still "Away from Home". I visit Egypt at least once a year. I was there 2 month ago. Still, I am home sick. Maybe because of Ramadan, I am feeling this kind of home-sickness. When I call my family and they tell me that they are gathered to have Iftar (breakfast) together, I feel this bitter feeling inside me "yarait kont ma3ako".

I miss my family, I miss my friends, I miss the streets. I even miss "Café Roastery" in Mohandseen, my favorite place for gathering with my friends. I guess this is life, "you meet to part".

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Imagine that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. One day long ago the Martians, looking through their telescopes, discovered the Venusians. Just glimpsing the Venusians awakened feelings they had never known. They fell in love and quickly invented space travel and flew to Venus.

The Venusians welcomed the Martians with wide open arms. They had intuitively known that this day would come. Their hearts opened wide to a love they had never felt before.

The love between the Venusians and the Martians was magical. They delighted in being together, doing things together, and sharing together. Though from different worlds, they reveled in their differences. They spent months learning about each other, exploring and appreciating their different needs, preferences, and behaviour patterns. For years they lived together in love and harmony.

Then they decided to fly to Earth. In the beginning everything was wonderful and beautiful. But the effect of the Earth's atmosphere took hold, and one morning everyone woke up with a peculiar kind of amnesiaselective amnesia.

Both the Martians and the Venusians forgot that they were from different planets and were supposed to be different. In one morning everything they had learned about their differences was erased from their memory. And since that day men and women have been in CONFLICT.

(from: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. By John Gray)

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Most Hateful Trait

Today I decided to write about one of my most hateful traits.
I guess today is not my day. I really hate it when I get annoyed for a very trivial reason and I keep depressed for the rest of the day. I can’t get out of this mood no matter how hard I tried.

This morning my husband was talking to his friend, who has just got engaged, about the things he should look for in a wife. He told him that she should be “metrabya, bent nas and betesma3 el kalam”. He even made it worth by saying that it is enough for him to be convinced 60% of his fiancée to marry her. To tell you the truth I was really PISSED OFF. I told hold him that I totally disagree about the word “betsma3 el kalam” cause a woman should be convinced by your ideas in order to “tema3 el kalam” or else it is better for him to marry a cow rather than a woman. The second thing is that I hated him when he said that 60% is enough average to make a guy marry a woman. I felt that he was telling me that he was convinced only 60% when he married me. I felt that he really hurt my feeling and pride in front of his friend.

Although, I know that my husband loves me very much and that he was just telling his friend that, in order not to make him hate his fiancée as it was obvious that he is not convinced of her, still I was angry. I know that maybe I am exaggerating, I know that my problems are very minor compared to those who have real problems. However, I am still annoyed.

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Ramadan karim to all f you. Hope all your prayers come true.
Siyam Maqboul insha'allah

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