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Monday, March 27, 2006

Politics & Religion for the 1st Time

For the first time in my blogging-life I feel like talking about politics & religion. However, I want to talk about them from the humane side.

A couple of days ago, I heard someone talking about Caliph Omar Ibn Al Khattab, al farouq. He was saying that one day Omar Ibn Al Khattab (ra3) was going for a night stroll to check upon the people in the country. While he was walking he passed by a house of a milk-woman. He heard the woman asking her daughter to cheat the customers by adding water to the milk, but, the girl refused doing that. When the woman told her daughter that nobody can see them and that she has to do what she was told, the daughter replied that "God can see us".

Omar heard the girl's reply and was impressed by her honesty. The next day he talked to some men about the incident and nominated her as a good wife for anybody who wants to get married. At this point, Omar's son asked to marry the girl and Omar was so happy with the choice and the marriage ceremony took place right after that.

Try to compare this story to what is going on these days. Name only ONE president/king who is willing to let his son marry a daughter of a milk-woman.

Yesterday, I was sitting with some people who were talking about politics, to be specific, they were talking about President Nasser & President Sadat (former presidents of Egypt). They were almost fighting, some were Nasserians and anti-Sadat and the others were just the opposite.
The first group was saying the Nasser was a fair ruler who wanted to have a classless society and distributed the lands on the farmers equally …bla bla bla. However Sadat was a traitor hiding in a movie theatre when the revolution was talking place out there.

The second group said that, President Sadat was a great man who went to Israel putting his life at the stake to reach "Camp David Settlement" with the Israelis in order to get back our land, Sinai. It was in his era that Egypt knew the real meaning of PEACE. On the other hand, Nasser was a tyrant & a dictator; during his reign the prisons were full of innocent people who dare say their opinions… bla bla bla.

I was silent during the conversation, and some people noticed that. When I was asked my opinion I said that both presidents allah yer7amhom (may their souls RIP) had their achievements & their flaws. Now they are both died, your debate is useless and a real waste of time. Why don't you rather speak about the contemporary politics instead of wasting your breath in a worthless conversation? As if we have no problems these days to discuss.

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