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Friday, November 25, 2005


Did you ever think why divorce rate is increasing among the youth generation?! Why the old generations had this "till-death-do-us-part-marriage" while we can't?!!
Is it because, life is becoming more stressful?
Or is it because of the feeling of equality between the spouses?
Or maybe because no one is willing to compensate?!!!!
I wonder,

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

El Ard Bitetkalem 3araby

I hate televisions. I hardly watch a TV. I'd waste my time blogging or reading or even sleeping rather than watching the television. I believe that TVs are the Twentieth Century worst invention. It is a "communication-killing-tool" in the houses.

However, tonight, I am home alone and for quite a long time. I blogged, browsed and checked my e-mail, and then I felt extremely bored. I am not in the mood of reading and still too early to sleep.

Ok, let me use this invention to kill time "we amry lelah". I kept going through the channels for a while, but discovered that all the channels go from bad to worse. Normally, I watch only Channel 2 or 4, but tonight I am not in the mood neither to concentrate in an American Movie nor to follow a talk-show on 4.

Being stupid enough, I decided to watch some video-clips on this channel called Melody Arabia!!! I watched this creature called Jad Shouary (or whatever), in a song called banadilk (I am calling you). I didn't get the idea of the song!!! Is it supposed to be a romantic song or an aerobics session or a bikinis fashion show?!!! I found this guy standing by the side of a swimming pool with some bikini girls and everybody is jumping … we 3alashan nezawed el tina balla, at the end of the song everybody jumped in pool … leh???... ma3rafsh!!!!

Ma3lish, having one Jad Shouary is never a problem as long as we still have many good singers!! The next song was named ana Haifa ana (I am Haifa), by the miraculous Haifaa Wahby. Then another song by someone called Rolla, I don't even remember the name of the song. It is not worth the effort!! La2 ba2a … it is too much.

Guys, I swear I cannot remember on single word of any of these songs!! They are just identity-less songs or I can rather call them multi-identity songs. The disaster is that, those songs are supposed to be ARABIC SONGS transmitted on Melody ARABIA!!!

El ard bitetkalem 3araby …

Abdel Halim Hafez … may your soul RIP.
"el 3omr kolo a3eesh le7obo … men .3air ma2olou ana ma7ebo" (I will live my whole life for his love, without even telling him that I love him).
Allah yer7am our great singers and allah yer7am the ARABIC MUSIC.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

New Tag

I have been tagged before to do the seven and the five … etc. I always wondered who started those tags. Where did they come from?!

Now I decided to start a new tag. In fact, I wanted to publish this post a couple of days ago, but I was afraid it might be a stupid idea. I mean I always receive chain messages/posts but never started one. Now I decided to initiate this after reading Nightlegend's comment on the post "2 phone calls", which was quite encouraging.

Now, it is my turn … I have always had some fantasies concerning the looks of the bloggers here:) It is like reading a story and imagining how the hero and the heroine look like. I remember, long time ago when I read the book Nadia, I imagined the heroine in a certain shape. However, after seeing the movie, I was angry cause it destroyed the imaged I have for her. Of course, the movie was a master piece but my heroine was blond and So3ad Hosny wasn't:))

Now, let me tell you how I think every blogger here look like:)

1- Charismatic Soul:
She told me that she is 160 cm height, so this part is fact. Let come to the fiction, she has brown wavy hair (medium length), brown eyes, olive complexion, always wearing casual clothes.

2- ATC:
I already know how she looks like. However, I always imagined her with long curly black hair, don't ask me why?:)

3- Me:
She is petite girl with fair complexion and whenever she comes to my mind, I imagine her wearing a pink hijab. I don't know why, maybe because of her pink rose:)

4- Loulou:
She is tall, maybe 170 cm height, skinny, and with Miriam fares curly hair as she said in one of her posts:)

5- Tota:
I always relate her to the color blue. She is medium height, brown hair.

6- Doshar:
She is a veiled girl, who is always talking and full of life.

7- Dalulla:
She is a petite veiled girl. She is very calm and she speaks with a voice like a radio announcer:) calm, peaceful and low voice:)

8- Nerro:
Fair complexion, light brown medium length hair, 165 cm height, very sure of herself:)

9- Lasto adri:
A young girl with dark hair and always have a pony tail:)

10- Rain:
She has medium height, with brown straight hair and brown eyes.

11- Nightlegend:
He is a tall guy (fact), skinny, with black hair, black eyes. I don't know why I always imagine him with obvious cheek bones, (blame it on the picture you are using:) Sometime, I figure him like Ahmed Mazhar but with a tall body.

12- Tamer:
He has already posted a photo of himself, so he made life easy:)

13- Khookh:
He is new here, I didn't form a idea yet, maybe he looks like, a Lebanese TV introducer, who used to introduce a program two years ago on MBC, its name was 7orouf we olouf (letters and thousands). However, I can't remember the guys name:)

Anyway, lets get started, now I am tagging everybody in my left sidebar to do the same:) Draw a picture for all/some of bloggers in your sidebar/favorite list. Also, don't forget to tell me your comments about the way I visualized you:)

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Saturday, November 19, 2005


swing ... swing ... swing ... swiiiiiiiiiiing

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

2 phone calls in one day:)

This morning, I got a call from one of my most favorite bloggers/friends here, Around the Clock. I feel we are developing a very warm relationship. We were on the phone for about half an hour (overseas call) discussing very personal matters, as if we were a life-time friends:)

Now, I got another phone call from her and we kept laughing and chatting for another 15 minutes:) Maybe everyone here is wondering how could two strangers who have never seen each other be friends?!

Yes it happened, she sent me some photos, so now I know how she looks like, I also know her voice and above all I know her ideas. I guess that is more than enough to build a friendship.

Thanks to the blogosphere, now I know many bloggers who I consider virtual friends. Also, I got to know two bloggers in my real world Around the Clock and Charismatic Soul. I am even planning to meet Charismatic soul in Egypt insha'allah on our next vacation:)

Thank you ATC, you are such a wonderful person, and your calls meant a lot to me:)

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Concan past midnight

I am sitting now in the reception area of my home, it is 1:30am. I have guests right now (2 couples, and one of them is accompanied by their daughter). I guess you are wondering how come I have guests and I am blogging!!!
You are right, it is not a sign of hospitality!!! However, if you know what is going on here, you will change your mind.

They are playing cards, actually they are having a fight because of cards. We got to know these people a couple of months ago. I enjoyed the first 2 visits, when we used to talk and maybe eat or drink something. Then it developed to be only cards visits, playing concan and that's it.

I really hate it, I don't mind playing cards but not every time, and not from the very beginning of the visit till the very end. There is not any kind of interaction between the people here, they are just burying their heads in the cards and every now and then, they rise up their heads to have a fight and shout at each other and then bury their heads again.

I never play with them, every time they come, they start playing together and I sit to my laptop blogging. I wonder, do I have to stay up till past midnight to watch people playing cards?!!! Both my husband and I will get up at 7:30am tomorrow while the other two couples sleep till 11:00am or 12:00pm as they have their private business and they don't have to show up early in their offices!!!!

I wish if I could till them goodnight and go to bed and leave them with their cards ...

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Imagine if you have a relative who is a real pain in the a**. He really gets on your nerves every time you see him. He has a master degree in "lousy arguments" and vexing people specially YOU. Imagine that you have to deal with this person on daily basis!!! You cannot cut him off, he is relative but at the same time if you keep dealing with him you will either commit suicide of kill him.

What will you do??!! …

Every time he annoys me and I am just about telling him "mind you own damn business", I remember the prophet's saying(PBUH):
"ana za3imon … … wa baitoun fi rabad al janna leman taraka al mera2 wa en kan mo7eqan"
Meaning: God is promising a place in heaven for the person who cuts the arguments short even if he is sure that he has the right opinion.
Also the phrase from Quran, (not sure of the exact words):
"wa al qathemeen al .3ayz wa al 3afeen 3an al nas"
Meaning: God like people who can suppress their anger and forgive the others.

However, we are humans, we get angry, and most of the time we can't suppress our anger special when you are dealing with a person who keeps on irritating you INTENTIONALLY and you HAVE to maintain your relation with him.

I guess I am doomed …

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Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Dress from Outer Space

Last Thursday, I decided to go find myself a dress for my sis-in-law wedding party. I went to the "only shop in town" that sells evening gowns. It also happens to be that the owner of the shop is my neighbor and my friend as well. So I went to pay her a visit at her shop, however, I wish if someone told me not to go, ro7t we yaraitny maro7t.

It seems that I asked for a dress from Mars that doesn't exist on planet Earth and of course to find that dress we need the assistance of some professional aliens to accomplish the mission for us!!

What I asked for is a simple dress with a very simple design preferably without any embroidery or beads. I also asked for something else that was totally unacceptable from my friend and the girls working in the shop!!! I asked for a dress that is either sleeveless (cut) or japounaise (1/4 sleeve). That is, I do not want to wear an off-shoulders or a striped dress.

The first sentence the woman said after hearing my request was "you won't find any"!!. At the beginning I thought that she didn't understand what I asked for, maybe she thinks that I am asking for a dress worn by a celebrity in a Hollywood movie!!! I just wanted a simple dress for God's sake. She started showing me some "half dresses" … yes I really mean it … "half dresses. I guess the tailor didn't find enough time or material to finish the dress. Then, she asked me to try them on to see what we can do to cover them up.

Well, I tried more than ten dresses on. A dress that shows my belly, another that shows my breast, a third one that shows my back and a forth lump sum dress that shows literary … everything. Again, I said to myself maybe the woman misunderstood me, after all I am using an Egyptian dialect that is not so familiar to her ears!! I told her, excuse me "D", I am looking for a dress not a lingerie. She looked at me as if I am an ignorant person asking for one of the "seven impossibles".

Anyway, the dress was not the problem, the problem was the stupid argument afterwards between "D" and her friends on one side and I on the other side. They kept accusing me of being an old-fashion person who is coming from the Stone Age.
"D" told me that the wedding ceremony is a family party and there is no big deal to wear a dress that shows my body cause the people at the party will be respectable and trustworthy people who will never look at me in a bad way (bassa we7sha!!!). I tried to tell her; this is my religion, this is my culture and that is the way I think and believe … but in vain.

I don't know … Do people consider a person who respects his/her religion and culture a retarded old fashion person?!!! Do I have to show my body to be a civilized and sophisticated person?!!! I came back home feeling down, I don't know way!! Maybe, because I didn't find the dress I wanted, maybe because I hated the discussion that took place, maybe because I felt that there is no common ground between the people here and I!!!

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My Eid Vacation

My Eid vacation was a disaster. First of all, it was only two days off, Thursday and Friday:(( On Thursday we had lunch with some friends then went to there place and I started searching for a dress (will elaborate on my next post) while my husband was waiting for me and boredom is killing him.
On Friday, we stayed at home, the weather was extremely cold and raining like hell. It was so gloomy outside not encouraging at all for any outdoors activities. Moreover, a friend promised us to come in the morning to spend the day with us, he kept us waiting then he called at 3:00pm after seeing our 120 missed calls on his mobile to say that he won't be able to come!!! Another couple promised to come to our place at noon (after 9:00pm) and again they called at 11:00pm to say they won't be able to make it!!!!
It ended up spending the whole day at home waiting for The Invisibles to come and visit us.

What a vacation!!!!!!!!!

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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Happy Eid to Everybody

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