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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

El Ard Bitetkalem 3araby

I hate televisions. I hardly watch a TV. I'd waste my time blogging or reading or even sleeping rather than watching the television. I believe that TVs are the Twentieth Century worst invention. It is a "communication-killing-tool" in the houses.

However, tonight, I am home alone and for quite a long time. I blogged, browsed and checked my e-mail, and then I felt extremely bored. I am not in the mood of reading and still too early to sleep.

Ok, let me use this invention to kill time "we amry lelah". I kept going through the channels for a while, but discovered that all the channels go from bad to worse. Normally, I watch only Channel 2 or 4, but tonight I am not in the mood neither to concentrate in an American Movie nor to follow a talk-show on 4.

Being stupid enough, I decided to watch some video-clips on this channel called Melody Arabia!!! I watched this creature called Jad Shouary (or whatever), in a song called banadilk (I am calling you). I didn't get the idea of the song!!! Is it supposed to be a romantic song or an aerobics session or a bikinis fashion show?!!! I found this guy standing by the side of a swimming pool with some bikini girls and everybody is jumping … we 3alashan nezawed el tina balla, at the end of the song everybody jumped in pool … leh???... ma3rafsh!!!!

Ma3lish, having one Jad Shouary is never a problem as long as we still have many good singers!! The next song was named ana Haifa ana (I am Haifa), by the miraculous Haifaa Wahby. Then another song by someone called Rolla, I don't even remember the name of the song. It is not worth the effort!! La2 ba2a … it is too much.

Guys, I swear I cannot remember on single word of any of these songs!! They are just identity-less songs or I can rather call them multi-identity songs. The disaster is that, those songs are supposed to be ARABIC SONGS transmitted on Melody ARABIA!!!

El ard bitetkalem 3araby …

Abdel Halim Hafez … may your soul RIP.
"el 3omr kolo a3eesh le7obo … men .3air ma2olou ana ma7ebo" (I will live my whole life for his love, without even telling him that I love him).
Allah yer7am our great singers and allah yer7am the ARABIC MUSIC.

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