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Sunday, November 20, 2005

New Tag

I have been tagged before to do the seven and the five … etc. I always wondered who started those tags. Where did they come from?!

Now I decided to start a new tag. In fact, I wanted to publish this post a couple of days ago, but I was afraid it might be a stupid idea. I mean I always receive chain messages/posts but never started one. Now I decided to initiate this after reading Nightlegend's comment on the post "2 phone calls", which was quite encouraging.

Now, it is my turn … I have always had some fantasies concerning the looks of the bloggers here:) It is like reading a story and imagining how the hero and the heroine look like. I remember, long time ago when I read the book Nadia, I imagined the heroine in a certain shape. However, after seeing the movie, I was angry cause it destroyed the imaged I have for her. Of course, the movie was a master piece but my heroine was blond and So3ad Hosny wasn't:))

Now, let me tell you how I think every blogger here look like:)

1- Charismatic Soul:
She told me that she is 160 cm height, so this part is fact. Let come to the fiction, she has brown wavy hair (medium length), brown eyes, olive complexion, always wearing casual clothes.

2- ATC:
I already know how she looks like. However, I always imagined her with long curly black hair, don't ask me why?:)

3- Me:
She is petite girl with fair complexion and whenever she comes to my mind, I imagine her wearing a pink hijab. I don't know why, maybe because of her pink rose:)

4- Loulou:
She is tall, maybe 170 cm height, skinny, and with Miriam fares curly hair as she said in one of her posts:)

5- Tota:
I always relate her to the color blue. She is medium height, brown hair.

6- Doshar:
She is a veiled girl, who is always talking and full of life.

7- Dalulla:
She is a petite veiled girl. She is very calm and she speaks with a voice like a radio announcer:) calm, peaceful and low voice:)

8- Nerro:
Fair complexion, light brown medium length hair, 165 cm height, very sure of herself:)

9- Lasto adri:
A young girl with dark hair and always have a pony tail:)

10- Rain:
She has medium height, with brown straight hair and brown eyes.

11- Nightlegend:
He is a tall guy (fact), skinny, with black hair, black eyes. I don't know why I always imagine him with obvious cheek bones, (blame it on the picture you are using:) Sometime, I figure him like Ahmed Mazhar but with a tall body.

12- Tamer:
He has already posted a photo of himself, so he made life easy:)

13- Khookh:
He is new here, I didn't form a idea yet, maybe he looks like, a Lebanese TV introducer, who used to introduce a program two years ago on MBC, its name was 7orouf we olouf (letters and thousands). However, I can't remember the guys name:)

Anyway, lets get started, now I am tagging everybody in my left sidebar to do the same:) Draw a picture for all/some of bloggers in your sidebar/favorite list. Also, don't forget to tell me your comments about the way I visualized you:)

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