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Friday, October 28, 2005

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Tagged by Charismatic Soul and Loulou, thanks gals.

Seven things I plan to do:

1- Find a good job or start my own business (a "handmade ornament" gallery or a bookshop with a cafeteria that allows the ppl to have a look at the book before buying it) or maybe both businesses:)
2- To be less stubborn.
3- To worry less.
4- To learn French (comment ca va:)))
5- I'd like to learn Salsa (of course the dance not the tomato salsa:)) but it is just a wish, I am not planning to take any serious move:)
6- Finish the "decoupage" picture that I have started a year ago:))
7- Give my son swimming classes ( 3alashan 3andi 3o2da) :))

Seven things I can't do:

1- Worry less.
2- Be less stubborn (I am Taurus).
3- Eat alone.
4- Swim (3aib awi bas ma3lish).
5- Eat sea food … Yuk:)
6- Wear red leather pants (very attractive!!).
7- Have a true first impression (I am always deceived concerning that matter).
8- Smoke (ma3lish ... one more detail):)

Seven things I say most often:

1- Betharag!! (you are kidding).
2- I used to say "asasan" (basically) but when ppl made fun of me I changed it to "Aslan" … see the difference:))
3- Ye.7reb bait keda *blush*
4- Yady el nila *bush*
5- Ooops
6- Ya salaaaaaaaam
7- Walahy al 3azeem?? (in a sarcastic tone) :)

Seven people I want to pass this tag to:

1- me
2- tota
3- dallula
4- rain
5- lasto-adri
6- nerro
7- doshar
8- Tarek Amr (malish I added an extra one:))

P.S. If I tagged someone who has already did it, never mind, blame it on my mumps:))

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