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Monday, November 14, 2005

Concan past midnight

I am sitting now in the reception area of my home, it is 1:30am. I have guests right now (2 couples, and one of them is accompanied by their daughter). I guess you are wondering how come I have guests and I am blogging!!!
You are right, it is not a sign of hospitality!!! However, if you know what is going on here, you will change your mind.

They are playing cards, actually they are having a fight because of cards. We got to know these people a couple of months ago. I enjoyed the first 2 visits, when we used to talk and maybe eat or drink something. Then it developed to be only cards visits, playing concan and that's it.

I really hate it, I don't mind playing cards but not every time, and not from the very beginning of the visit till the very end. There is not any kind of interaction between the people here, they are just burying their heads in the cards and every now and then, they rise up their heads to have a fight and shout at each other and then bury their heads again.

I never play with them, every time they come, they start playing together and I sit to my laptop blogging. I wonder, do I have to stay up till past midnight to watch people playing cards?!!! Both my husband and I will get up at 7:30am tomorrow while the other two couples sleep till 11:00am or 12:00pm as they have their private business and they don't have to show up early in their offices!!!!

I wish if I could till them goodnight and go to bed and leave them with their cards ...

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