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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Imagine if you have a relative who is a real pain in the a**. He really gets on your nerves every time you see him. He has a master degree in "lousy arguments" and vexing people specially YOU. Imagine that you have to deal with this person on daily basis!!! You cannot cut him off, he is relative but at the same time if you keep dealing with him you will either commit suicide of kill him.

What will you do??!! …

Every time he annoys me and I am just about telling him "mind you own damn business", I remember the prophet's saying(PBUH):
"ana za3imon … … wa baitoun fi rabad al janna leman taraka al mera2 wa en kan mo7eqan"
Meaning: God is promising a place in heaven for the person who cuts the arguments short even if he is sure that he has the right opinion.
Also the phrase from Quran, (not sure of the exact words):
"wa al qathemeen al .3ayz wa al 3afeen 3an al nas"
Meaning: God like people who can suppress their anger and forgive the others.

However, we are humans, we get angry, and most of the time we can't suppress our anger special when you are dealing with a person who keeps on irritating you INTENTIONALLY and you HAVE to maintain your relation with him.

I guess I am doomed …

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