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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Learning HTML

Yeeeeeeeeeees, I did it. Now I know how to add links to my page.

Ok, let me tell you the story from the beginning:

I started blogging last month. I followed the steps, created my blog, wrote my posts … and then what … nothing … a big fat PERIOD.

I noticed that most of the bloggers created nice blogs with interesting side bars showing their favorite blog list, the books they read, the clock, and maybe a photo of their favorite music album … etc,

How the hell did they do that??!! … beats me … absolutely no idea … blaaaaaaaaaaank!!! I felt like an illiterate in the middle of PHD's.

I posted a comment in one of the blogs asking the blogger to tell me the steps of how to add a picture of the book I am currently reading. I received two replies for my comment. A reply from the blog owner telling me the steps, she was very decent and helpful; however, I couldn't understand a word from what she wrote.

The second comment was from a guy "J" who really estafazny awi. He replied in two words "learn HTML". Honestly, I was offended:))) I felt like an ignorant … I was really met.3aza awi … why couldn't he simply say it in a nice way, for example, "I advice you to learn HTML, cause it will help you … blab la bla". Yes, I admit his short answer and the way he said it, teased me:)

Anyway, I said to myself, ok … I will learn HTML Mr. "I know everything". And as I'd like going by the slogan "what one man can do another can do", I called a computer center and asked for the course and started last Sunday. Today was my 4th lesson and tomorrow is the last one. The guy told me that normally they give the course in ten sessions, each is two hours, i.e., twenty hours. However, in front of my enthusiasm and my background he decided to shorten the course to eight hours only, distributed on five days:)

After taking the course I discovered that my question to the blogger, was just like someone asking you to write down for him the steps of how to drive a car:) Yes, I admit it was a STUPID question.

Today, I was able to create links to my favorite blogs … I am still stepping my first step in the world of HTML. Who knows maybe, I follow it with some more courses.

I am writing this post to tell "J", thank you, I really mean it. Yes you provoked me … but it worked for me. I am so excited about the course and I am enjoying it very much.

Again … THANK YOU.

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