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Thursday, October 06, 2005

My Most Hateful Trait

Today I decided to write about one of my most hateful traits.
I guess today is not my day. I really hate it when I get annoyed for a very trivial reason and I keep depressed for the rest of the day. I can’t get out of this mood no matter how hard I tried.

This morning my husband was talking to his friend, who has just got engaged, about the things he should look for in a wife. He told him that she should be “metrabya, bent nas and betesma3 el kalam”. He even made it worth by saying that it is enough for him to be convinced 60% of his fiancée to marry her. To tell you the truth I was really PISSED OFF. I told hold him that I totally disagree about the word “betsma3 el kalam” cause a woman should be convinced by your ideas in order to “tema3 el kalam” or else it is better for him to marry a cow rather than a woman. The second thing is that I hated him when he said that 60% is enough average to make a guy marry a woman. I felt that he was telling me that he was convinced only 60% when he married me. I felt that he really hurt my feeling and pride in front of his friend.

Although, I know that my husband loves me very much and that he was just telling his friend that, in order not to make him hate his fiancée as it was obvious that he is not convinced of her, still I was angry. I know that maybe I am exaggerating, I know that my problems are very minor compared to those who have real problems. However, I am still annoyed.

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