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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Manners of Discussion

Two days ago I was watching a program on Dream 2. It was a very "Hot Discussion" concerning "ready-to-cook" food, especially, the semi-fried food. There was a guest talking about his products and the mechanism of producing this kind of food. On the other hand, there were a couple of professors talking about the dangerous side effects of boiling oil more than once. One of the professors was accusing the guest of selling CANCER in an attractive box.

Anyway, the program could have been a success, however, the shameful way of the discussion used by the guests and introducer of the program, turned it to be a total mess. Everybody on the show was shouting and accusing, but no one was listening except to his own voice. The discussion gave me a headache and I changed the channel although I was INTERESTED in the topic. I felt I am watching some sellers in a grocery shop who are having a fight over the price of (kilo el tamatem).

This incident reminded me of a word said by Dr. Zowail in one of his interviews. He said after leaving to the States, he discovered that, if he wants people to listen to him he has to keep his voice down and know how to listen to others. He said that people in civilized countries do not like high voices and if we (Arabs) want them to listen to our ideas, first, we have to learn the manners of discussion.

Nowadays, Arabs are trying to imitate the West in their style of living, their looks, and their fashion. I only wish if we take from the West their scientific achievements and civilization instead of being fascinated by the outer superficial layer of the Western Civilization.

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