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Thursday, October 13, 2005


random things about myself:

I have been tagged by charismatic soul, me, around the clock,doshar. Thank you guys:)

* I am an only daughter. I have neither brothers nor sisters. I used to complain about being alone while I was a kid cause I wanted someone to play with me. My mum used to tell me that I can always play with my school mates but I used to reply that I want someone to play with me at home. During the university days, I never complained about that matter again as I had many friends who were (are) very good people and they were able to compensate my sisters. By the way, I am very stubborn (blame it on my star sign, cause I am a Taurus). I am 155 cm tall (blame it on my mum's genes:))

* I was graduated from the Faculty of Arts, Department of English. I loved my study very much, I adored novels and essay writing … they were my passion. The 4 years of the university was the best in my life. I had many friends, we loved each other like real family. I still see them every time I visit Egypt, and we also e-mail each other and talk on the phone from time to time. They are really the best thing that happened to me during the university days:)

* I am a mother of an adorable son who is 5 years old. He is extremely naughty but still adorable. He has a strong personality (no kidding) that attracts the attention of everybody:) I am also a wife of a stubborn but a decent guy. I am 155 cm tall and my husband is about 185 cm tall … what a match!!:)))

* I used to work in a decent company in Egypt. However, after I got married I had to leave me work to travel with my husband, and ever since I wasn't able to work again. I am living in a small city, with absolutely no job opportunities and they work 2 shifts here, a morning shift and an afternoon one. Therefore, I can't even think about working as I have no relatives here to relay on them concerning taking care of my son while I am at work. I am very ambitious; hence, I am not satisfied with being a house-wife.

* I am talented in some kinds of artistic crafts. My friends are encouraging me to start my own business especially that, people are not familiar with what I make; therefore, I will find an open market with no competitors. However, I guess I a lazy to have my first step.

I will only tag "tota" cause she is the only blogger I know who didn't write her details yet:)

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