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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Do you believe in GHOSTS - Part II

Do you believe in ghosts??! Do you believe in black magic??! Do you believe in a3mal (spells)??!!

My answer is yes & no … I believe in the existence of al-jen and in magic … simply because they are mentioned in the Holly Quran. However, I never give them a real thought … I guess it is not that easy to practice magic and cast spells. In fact, I never really bothered myself with the answer of these questions. I always thought that most of the people practicing magic are nothing but abra gadabra (mosha3wzeen ya3ni).

What made these questions pop up into my head is an accident that happened to me and till now I didn't tell anybody except my husband a two of my neighbors about it.

In the place where I live, people tend to depend on a3mal (spells). They are always talking about magic, fortune telling, spells … In other words, they are very superstitious. I always make fun of their beliefs and tell them that they have to leave this kind of thinking to illiterate and ignorant people.

Anyway, about a month ago, something really weird happened to me. I didn't tell anybody about it cause people will say that I am an ignorant superstitious person. Anyhow, I decided to tell you about what happened cause I am sure that there is a scientific explanation for it, although I have no idea what can it be.

One day, I got up in the morning to find that my pajamas pants are full of holes, yes many big holes!!!! This is not everything; I also found that the bed sheet is completely torn. Seriously … Konafaaaa:)) walahy el melaya zai el konafa:) Only from my side, as my husband side was completely perfect. I want you to bear in mind that the sheet is new. I searched the bed for a bug or something … nothing absolutely nothing?!!! I pulled the sheet from my husband's side to find it very strong and new!!!

I called my husband at his work to tell him, but he couldn't imagine the site and told me "balash habal, enty 7ateshta.3aliny 3ala el sob7". I could my neighbor, she thought I am kidding but when she felt that I am serious, she offered to come and see for herself.

Anyway, part II of the story is even more enjoyable:)

My neighbor "D", is a very nice woman, she loves me and treats me as her young sister. "D" kept screaming "oh my God, oh my God", then she called another neighbor "G" who came to join her in the screaming show:) At that time I was laughing like hell, hamm yebaki we hamm yeda7ak:))) "D" ran to her home and came back holding the things "G" asked her to bring. She brought a green plant, bo.7or (scented coal) and mab.7ara. They started their silly rituals while I am still laughing!! They gave me that angry look and asked what was funny?!! They lighted the bo.7or and placed the plant in a glass of water, then, they poured some of the water on the floor beside my bed, and ba.7arou the whole bedroom. I left them to finish their lousy rituals and when to the hi-fi to play a Quran CD. They kept telling me that someone has casted a spell on me and asked me not to joke about it as the country here is famous of black magic!!!!

Of course, I didn't pay attention to what they said, but I kept thinking of a scientific explanation for what happened. When I was tired of thinking, I decided to forget the whole issue.

I don't know why I decided to share this experience with you, although I told no one about it?!!! I guess it is the core of blogging … to write about what pops up into your mind without asking about the benefit of that.

Have a good day …

P.S. These are true pictures of the bed sheet and my pajamas.

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