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Sunday, May 07, 2006

My Pleasant Dreams

I want to dedicate these two line to thank my two lovely friends tota and Ahmad for being so considerate.

As you’ve noticed, I have recently changed my template, I liked everything about it except the comment underneath the picture “My Once Pleasant Dreams”. I didn’t like the word ONCE but when I tried to remove it, I was left with a gap in the middle of the sentence and I was too lazy to do anything about it. So, I decided it was ok, I said to myself “e3mly nafsek mosh wa’7da balek”. But the truth is that, the word kept annoying me, very gloomy and depressing. Till Noblese, asked me in a comment about the reason behind this ONCE. When simply I replied that I hated it too but couldn’t do anything about it, I found a comment from Ahmad asking me to send him the photo to remove the word ONCE for me. I really appreciated this nice gesture from him, it was so nice of him to offer something like this.

Then today, I found a new mail in my mail box, I clicked the icon expecting an e-mail from Ahmad, but to my surprise I found it from tota, and guess what was it about?
It was the flower picture WITHOUT the word ONCE:) I was speechless, didn’t know what to say. She is so sweet, she simply removed the word and re-wrote the phrase and sent it to me. She read the comment and knew that the word bothered me and surprised me with her e-mail. I even liked the font she used more than the original one.
I was like, Oh my God, I really have friends out there. Although I haven’t met neither of them but they both were willing to help me even without asking them.

I am really grateful. I couldn’t do anything but posting these few line as sign of being thankful for the two of you:)

Thank you,

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