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Monday, December 12, 2005

Reasons ...

I was talking to friend a while ago and she told me this sentence that is still ringing in my ears, "everything happens for a reason".

I found myself starting to wonder how did I start blogging?! It was last September, when I got an mail and then everything came along...

One day, I got an e-mail from a person whom I didn't even recognize her name as she was using her middle name instead of her family name! Unlike me, I opened the mail, as normally I delete mails from people I don't know as I am afraid of viruses. I opened the mail to discover that it was from a friend that I didn't see since the university days. Maybe I saw her once four years ago and that was it. I knew from some friends that she is now working in the States.

First of all, let me tell you that the mail was directed to more than 20 people, and I guess that she added my name by mistake cause this was the first mail I received from her for years!!!! In the mail she wrote many details, her work, her fiancée, her life bla bla bla … However, one sentence grabbed my attention in the mail, one normal sentence …

She said that she is starting a new addiction, every day she comes back from work to start BLOGGING!!! That was the sentence, nothing more, nothing less. She didn't mention what blogging was or what was her user name or anything, a big fat PERIOD.

At the beginning I said maybe blogging is something related to her work, which I have no idea about it till now!!! Then I found myself curious enough to search the net for the word "blogging". The first option on the Yahoo search-engine list was a link to a site of one of the bloggers (M).
When I started reading it, I got very excited and wanted to comment. However, as long as the blog does not accept anonymous comment, I had to create my OWN BLOG:) Ironically, I stopped reading M's blog long time ago, although he was my first window to the Blogosphere.

My point is, like my friend said, everything happens for a reason. I was so lonely and desperate. I was not enjoying the company of the people I knew in my real life "Away from Home". I got this strange mail from this old friend just to introduce me to a new world. The BLOGOSPHERE …

Maybe some people and saying that I must be crazy to prefer my virtual word to my real one … but yes, it is the truth!! Strange but true.
Here I can choose the people I like to know. However, in my true life there are people who I HAVE to know, cause as simply you don't have the option of choosing when you are away from home.

Yes, everything happens for a reason, and the reason of receiving the mail was to introduce me to this virtual world and hence, to get me out of my loneliness and isolation.

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