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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Job Offer

I have finished my Photoshop course last Thursday. One of my assignments was designing a business card. I designed the card and showed it to my tutor who was impressed and he showed it to the woman who owns the Center and she was impressed too.
In fact, for my, the card was fine, but not waaaaaaw or anything, I was surprised when they liked it:)

Anyway, the woman offered me a job. First task was designing a card for a shop. Ok … this part is easy, no big deal:) Done …

Here comes the difficult part. She is establishing a web-designing team and she wants me to be part of it. She wants me to take part in Designing, HTML, and English Language Editing.
I was mute when I heard the offer. I told her that I am glad to work with her but it is a very big responsibility and I may not be fit for it. After all, I am still taking my first steps in the web designing world. I asked her, why me??????? Isn't it better if you used the person who gave me the course?!!!!! She answered that he will be there too, but she needs a person who has an artistic talent for designing and a good command of the English Language (you can hardly find people here who understand English).

I didn't know what to say. I kept asking her, are you sure you are talking to the right person?!!! And she kept confirming!!!!!

Am I up to this responsibility?! I don't know! My greatest fear is to look like an ignorant in the middle of PHDs.

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