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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The Dying Business!

Today, I went to a bookshop to try to get a friend of mine a book that she wants. This bookshop is one of ONLY TWO bookshops here, as I am living in a very small city! When I asked the guy about the book, he said that he never heard about it! So, I told him the exact name of the book and the author and asked him to try to get it for me. However, to my astonishment the guy apologized for not being able to order more books because he is shutting down the business. He said that he wants to GET RID of the books he already have!!!

"Shutting Down the business!!!" I screamed "But why?!!!"
"Nobody reads these days" he said pitifully "It's a dying business"
"But it is a waste, it is a good bookshop, the best in the city" I said.
"Nobody cares for book nowadays" he said pathetically
"Yes, maybe it is better to open a CD shop, everybody cares for songs and video clips…" I said sadly and walked away.

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