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Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I have noticed something that grabbed my attention for the past couple of days. I have this link in my sidebar that shows me the visitors online and there countries.

Most of the time, I have the same list. Sometimes, I can even guess who the person online is. So, when I find "1 visitor from USA", I guess that might be, Jane, if I have one visitor from Romania so it is Alina, a visitor from Switzerland might be Noblese, Lebanon might be Ahmed, khookh or eve, visitors from UAE might be loulou or ATC [I am not including chari as she has left the blogosphere:(] … and so on. Of course I didn't include Egypt as I know many Egyptian bloggers and guessing will be impossible.

Anyway, these days I have noticed that something strange is going on. My sidebar link is always showing a huge number of visitors and from new countries that never came to my blog before. What is weirder, that they NEVER leave a comment, as if they are just surfing the blogosphere to look for a specific piece of information and they vanish again.

I will give you an example of what I saw today & yesterday:

You have 21 visitors from 10 different countries!!!!
Australia: 1
Canada: 1
Denmark: 4
Egypt: 1
France: 1
Germany: 1
Italy: 6
Norway: 1
Singapore: 1
USA: 4

You have 12 visitors from 8 different countries!!!
Canada: 1
Chili: 1
Italy: 3

I won't be surprised if I find tomorrow 7 visitors from Mars and 12 from Jupiter!!

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