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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Blogger's Gathering 2

Dalulla, Doshar and I decided to meet and move from the blogosphere to the real world. I have talked with them on the phone but that our first meeting face-to-face.

Dalulla asked us to visit her at her place as her lovely son Omar was sick and she wasn't able to go out. It was ok with me although I was dreaming of Roastery's Hazelnut Cappuccino but Dalulla made me a lovely mug of Cherry Tea instead:)

So Tuesday morning Doshar picked me up and she was kind enough to give my son a ride to my parents' place. Then we went to Dalulla. I really appreciated Doshar's effort that day. She drove a long distance to pick me up, drive my son and then to dalulla's place and then give me a ride to my parents' and then back to her home … poor Doshar:)

We went to Dalulla at almost 1:30 pm. She has a very warm and cozy home masha'allah. When she opened the door, I was silent for a moment, she looked very different from the photo. Maybe because she was veiled in the photo she sent me, and also she is very petite. I was glade to find someone who is shorter than me hehehehehe.

We had a very warm stay, I didn't feel that it was the first time to see them. I felt as if I know them long time ago. On our way to Dalulla's, Doshar and I got some foul & ta3miya sandwiches (popular beans sandwiches). We asked dalulla to prepare the tea which was essential for the foul & ta3miya hehehehe.

We spent a wonderful time together, and I have to mention Dalulla's lovely son Omar, rabina ye.7alih, he is an adorable kid. Dalulla let us in every room in the house, even her own bedroom as if we were life-time friends. She also showed us the new towels she bought. The point is, we were acting in a very spontaneously way, not like people seeing each other for the first time. I didn't feel any kind of tension that one normally feel when meeting new people:) We also called Me on the phone to tease her and tell her to try to come to Cairo, and she was met.3aza (teased).

We left Dalulla's at almost 6:30, i.e., we spent 5 hours together, 5 lovely hours:) Then I went with Doshar to a shop (kazaloon) cause I needed some material for my work. You can see Doshar like a kid in a toyshop, she was impressed and kept talking about how much she enjoyed the shop.

Then comes something new,

This morning, I had a wonderful walkup call from one of my favorite bloggers NERRO. I was extremely happy with her call, and we decided to arrange a meeting soon insha'allah.

I am telling you people, if you ever feel a kind of attachment to any of the bloggers here, don't hesitate to contact them. Believe me, you won't regret it:)

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