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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Egypt, Sweet Egypt

I miss Egypt,
I miss my family,
My mum and dad,
I miss my friends,
Oh yeah I miss my friends a lot,
I miss a good laugh
I miss a true advice,
I miss a sincere “I miss you”
I miss a joyful outing,
I miss my home, my furniture, my knickknacks.

I miss Egypt,
I miss the streets,
I miss the Shooting Club,
I miss Café Rosters,
I miss Chills and Spectra :)
I miss my scarlet Corsa (I sold it and it will be my first vacation without my tiny lovely car:(

It is very weird, people living in Egypt want to leave it and are dying for an opportunity. On the other hand, people who live outside Egypt are always carrying her in their hearts and dream of the day when they go back.

I am coming TONIGHT. I am so excited and worried at the same time. I will stay for almost 2 months.
Maybe I will be more fortunate to see all my friends bloggers in Egypt this visit. Anyway, please contact me on my e-mail, so we might prepare and “bloggers’ outing” isa :)

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